Will Gatti & Daniel Finn

About Me

Who Are We?

willgattiI am Will Gatti. Unless, of course, you’re an older reader, in which case I am Daniel Finn.

Both of me are an author.

I am very nearly one of the most dangerous and adventurous people you might ever have heard about.

And this is absolutely true.

Because Carlo, my great-great-uncle punched the village priest on the nose and then walked all the way across the Alps to Paris, I have , coursing through my veins, an overwhelming desire for adventure . . . but with the really difficult bits left out. This is why I most definitely prefer reading and making up stories to mountaineering.

I daydreamed my way through school and woke up at university, which was just as well because I then immediately fell in love with an Irish girl and then I went to Ireland and fell in love with that. I have a tendency to fall in love with every country I go to – and even some that I haven’t yet visited.

I married the Irish girl and we have two children. I spend as much time as I can writing and trout fishing in Ireland, and the rest of the time teaching in a small school in Surrey, where I am surprisingly sympathetic to the students who like to daydream.