Will Gatti & Daniel Finn


‘Thar she blows!’ crows Daniel Finn ‘cause Meg likes his book

call-down-thunderWhich is what the lookouts on whaling ships shouted when they spotted a whale erupting from the deep. This has not much to do with anything except my new book, CALL DOWN THUNDER, has also just emerged from the deep and is to be launched this Thursday on the 5th of July, so I hope it doesn’t bump into a whale.

I have nothing against whales. In fact, I like them very much and would rather that excitable hunters wouldn’t try to pin-cushion them with harpoons. However, a whale would swamp my book and that wouldn’t be any good at all. What would be really good would be if  the book were swamped by  readers with hungry eyes and grabby hands each one of them snatching a copy from a real or virtual bookshelf and settling down to what I hope is a rattling good yarn.

What’s it about, this CALL DOWN THUNDER? You’ll have to check it out on the My Books page

But hear this: MEG ROSOFF says it is ‘Sharp as a blade and … electrifying!’

So, how about that? I am as puffed up as a triple puffed puffin from Puffin Island.