Will Gatti & Daniel Finn


Face it

Face it



What an ‘over-and-done-with’ word that is. It sounds like slipping on ice and falling on your bum.

Look at this one, dreamed up by the great automata artist, Robert Race. Does he look jaunty with that angled moustache and matching gold rimmed dark glasses? Or mysterious? What would he say if he had a mouth instead of that shadow? Is that a smile or does he look sad? And his bowler hat… though I know that of course a bowler hat is not strictly a part of one’s face but in this case, who is to argue with me? I say that the hat is there to stop him floating off into space…

Or it’s a lid to keep his thoughts in, hidden behind the hidden eyes.

Do you prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet?

Don’t bother. Yours is fine.