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From the August country

From the August country

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 19.06.15August!

What happened to August?

It got swept up in a storm and tumbled down somewhere on the west coast of Ireland, and me with it, in Mayo, to be precise… which I rarely am (precise, that is, not Mayo. I am often in Mayo… oh, forget it!)

To be even more needle-in-a-haystack precise (which, I believe, is a contradiction) this is the Barony of Erris.

I keep looking for the Baron but he’s nowhere to be seen at all, just like the month itself, which was last seen heading for the door to that curious other universe where all past months go.

No, not to school, they don’t go there. But you do, do you? Is that a good thing? I couldn’t say, though I went there once.

For now, I think I’ll stick around in the August country for as long as I can.