Will Gatti & Daniel Finn


It’s Rhyme Crime Time

It’s Rhyme Crime Time

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Do not expect a sensible New Year greeting until the New Year behaves sensibly!

You can’t rhyme OWL with BOWL

but you can with BOWEL,

though it looks like a spelling mistake

or GROWL which owls don’t like

to do,

or even HOWL

which wolves do when they chat

to other wolves in the pack.

Most owls screech or HOOT

though I don’t know why

except they might be having  craic

which is Irish for wise-cracking banter

or having a laugh

or a HOOT

which we do

when we laugh

like a drain or a brainless clot

which, I firmly believe,

is a good thing to do

whether you are an owl

or not.

Believe it or not that word CRAIC is pronounced crack.