Will Gatti & Daniel Finn




Well, not quite but Book Week was a buzz and I am sure loads of authors felt the same.

Thank you to the year 8 students of Clapton Girls’ Academy who have been reading CALL DOWN THUNDER and who made a fantastic giant card and wrote a seriously cool poem about the story.

A whole class writing a poem! How do you do that? Magic fingers and magic minds? Must be.

And another thank you to the students of Bethnal Green who also gave me a great reception on the Tuesday of Book Week. There seemed to be loads of budding (and actual) authors in the group and I wish we had had more time to hear more of the ideas you were so busily scribbling down. Excellent  questions too. There should have been a prize for the best one. Next time…

In Clapton I was Daniel and two days before I was Will, no wonder I was in a spin. Here’s the poem I was talking about:

In the village of Rinconda,

Where the fish swim in the sea,

Lies a mystery yet uncovered

By the two kids, Reve and Mi.

Clapton CDT card

Reve was Jackfish fishing,

While Mi sat in the car,

Reve spied a red headed figure,

Like his sister, from afar.

Mi thought it was a sign,

To find their long lost mum.

They’d journeyed to the city,

And leave behind their slum.

They arranged to meet at day break

And catch a passing truck.

They’d journey to the city

And wish for lots of luck.

They arrived early at the market;

They didn’t like the crowd.

They’d journeyed to the city;

They now found it too loud.

They came across two good thieves,

They thought of them as scum.

They offered Reve their service,

But will they find their mum?