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Berry Moon

Berry Moon

Mystery, 12+

Wild men lurching out of the mist, a house burning down, a body hauled out of the river tangled in a poacher’s net . . . the village that Sean Moon and his family move to is a disturbingly unfriendly place. It seems that the one thing the villagers agree on is that they dislike the Moon family . . . ‘Bad faith to them.’I wrote this novel when I was living right out on the very edge of the west coast of Ireland with nothing but the Atlantic and a thousand miles of stormy sky between me and America.

The idea for the story grew out of one particular place where I would often go fishing, a long bend on the river with a deep pool where, if you were lucky, you might meet a salmon. It’s called the Graveyard because on the far bank is an old ruined church perched on a low mound with old,old Celtic crosses tilting this way and that out of the long grass. Because I spent hours not catching fish there I spent a lot of time day dreaming, and one of those day dreams turned into a body, all tangled up in a poacher’s net, being hauled up out of the pool. A murder. That’s where the story started for me, about terrible things being brought up to the surface.

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