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The Geek, the Greek and the Pimpernel

The Geek, the Greek and the Pimpernel

Mystery adventure, 10+

What do I think of exams?

Everyone with their heads down and scribbling. The air thick with
anxiety . . .


No, I don’t like exams at all. And while I think about it I don’t much like bullies or stupid rules, or boring lessons – and if you put all three together you get my nightmare school.It’s called Staleways and it’s in a place called Peasely. The school’s a dark and gloomy building with huge black gates, so wherever you are in the town you can always see it. That’s not the worst thing about it though; the creepy, villainous headmaster, Sir Pent, uses all the bullies and thugs to run the place, and what’s more, Sir Pent loves to send all the good, clever pupils to the swotshop, where they take test, after test, after test . . . and nobody is sure why. It just seems to be the way it is.

What’s needed is a hero. A mysterious hero. A hero who doesn’t look a like a hero. But a hero who just knows exactly how to make Sir Pent and his bullies look totally stupid.

What’s needed is The Pimpernel.

And the Pimpernel needs a gang. One of them is Trokka, the Greek, and the other is Minou, the Geek.

What we don’t know is: who on earth is the Pimpernel?

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